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Fine art nature photography gives me the tools to search for hidden stories that are inherently present in our natural surroundings. And our green planet is full of compelling and inspiring stories! Nature is an important source of inspiration for many of us. In it you can find peace and as a fruit of it inspiration comes our way. We come home with new clarity, full of joy, energy and new ideas. Unfortunately, and all too often our newly gained peace and happiness slowly disappears, like snow in the sun. Attracted by the beauty of nature, its purity and infinity, its power and unpredictability, I use photography as a fine art medium to see and capture its mysterious aesthetics and turn them into timeless visual poems. The images can be bought as prints or licensed for commercial use.

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“To me, photography is the art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”, is a quote by the famous street photographer Elliott Erwitt. Making extraordinary images out of ordinary situations is challenging. Practicing it is an art because it takes creativity, skills and time to capture a genuinely good image, one that tells a story in which a scene comes together in all its glory. Why street photography? Practicing it sharpens my skills and makes for a better photographer. It allows me to capture a decisive moment frozen in time and create some of the most beautiful and captivating photography out there. The images can be bought as prints or licensed for commercial use.

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“Poem”, what an extraordinary word isn’t it? So small but yet so full of hope, so full of wonder. These colorful photos are a product of that desire to create visual poetry. It is photography with a gentle touch with the aim to capture and visualize magic, grace and power. Each image is a visual poem telling a story. Engaging and inspiring stories that touch the mind and soul. Images that contain emotion and as such convey a story to the viewer. Some of the pictures are composites or composited images in order to create a photograph that is truly unique. Combining multiple photos into one final image allows for merging fantasy and reality. Based on an idea and a vision everything is possible, from subtle corrections to major changes, all with the aim to create that one compelling beautiful story.

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Professional images

OXOVISUALS delivers creative and engaging images for design agencies, PR agencies, businesses, magazines and individuals. All images can be bought as prints or licensed for commercial use. For licensing fees contact me directly with the image requirements.   If you commission OXOVISUALS for a shoot, you will usually be hiring myself for the assignment. If I'm unavailable or there is a requirement for more than one photographer, I have several partners I work with on a regular basis who would be able to assist. Usually OXOVISUALS shoots on location, at your premises or local event. If needed it is also possible to arrange a shoot in the studio. A fully digital workflow allows for efficient production of the client images and digital post production is always part of any photo shoot to suit any artistic assignment challenge: the sky is the limit!

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