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Photography by

Michel Schamp


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Green Planet | Inspirational Photography

Nature is an important source of inspiration for many of us. In nature you can find peace and as a fruit of it inspiration comes our way. We come home with new clarity, full of joy, energy and inspiration. Unfortunately, and all too often our newly gained peace and happiness slowly disappears, like snow in the sun. Attracted by the beauty of nature, its purity and infinity, its power and unpredictability, photography can be used as a fine art medium to see and capture its mysterious aesthetics and turn them into timeless visual poems. Photography provides the freedom and opportunities to explore and discover the beauty in the world around us, both  by exploring images in our natural and urban environments. The search allows us to discover the hidden element of beauty, contained in moments, colors and shapes, capturing the essence of beauty in single images. Images with a soul. Images with a story. Images that spark our imagination. Poems without words. Heroic stories, love stories, sad stories, but above all inspirational stories. Poetic images written with light. Images to be cherished as sources of joy, inspiration and surprise. Each image is tailored artistically and presented as a unique handmade work of art.

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  • Passion

    Passion - Klaproos | In Vuur en Vlam

  • Novel

    Novel | Two Beautiful Wild Horses Eating in a Surreal Flowery Dreamy Dutch Landscape Wilde Paarden Maashorst Nederland

  • Curious Cows

    Curious Cows | Dutch Cows in Early Morning Mist

  • Lente in het bos

    Lente in het bos | Prachtig Maashorst Panorama Grote Panoramafoto van Bomen met Jong Groen Blad Ideaal om vele Meters Complete Inspirerende Rustgevende Natuurlijke Achtergrond Decoratie Wand Art Photo Foto Poster Print aan de Muur mee te vullen voor Woonkamer Vergaderkamer Wachtruimte Restaurant en Hotel Heet Uw Bezoekers Welkom of Inspireer Uzelf met deze Indrukwekkende Natuurfoto

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar | McCaterpillar Eating His Way Up Zebrarups op het Sint Jacobskruiskruid Maashorst

  • Small Gestures

    Small Gestures Can Cause Goose Bumps | Mother Goose Moeder de Gans Gives Goosebumps by Picking Showing and Delivering a Flower on a Moody Lake against a Dramatic Sky Such a Divine Gesture Touching Skin Beauty Hearts in the World of Animals

  • The Dreamer

    The Dreamer | Lonely Tree at the Lake in a Dreamy Dutch Landscape Beautiful Soft Focus Spring Image

  • Beauty is a Beast

    Beauty is a Beast | Wisent European Bison Return Revival Netherlands Maashorst Art Print for Sale Free Wallpapers Nature Wildlife Photographer Bull Stier Hoorns Beautiful Animal Horns

  • Towards the Light

    Towards the Light | Path in the Forest with Gate Entry to New World of Light in the Far Distance Step into a Fairy Tale Fairytale Walking Amongst Tall Trees on a Carpet of Fallen Leaves as in an Autumn Painting Dreamy World Entrance Exit to Life Live Living a Dream Fantasy Imagine Maashorst Uden Nistelrode Nederland Bezoek Dromerig Bos Inspiratie Poort naar het Paradijs Stepping into Another World Fine Art Prints for Sale Purchase Wall Decoration and Inspirational Kunstfotografie Natuur Wandelen Rust Nederland Bos Bospad Bospaadje Foto Hoge Bomen Natuurlijk Zoek Zoektocht Quest Life Light Room Times

  • Small Stories

    Small Stories of a Fairytale Fairy Tale Like Fly Agaric Bright Beautiful and Happy Red Mushroom with White Dots Spots in A Moody Enchanted Forest filled with Trees and Moss Backlit at Dawn Quote Love is the Enchanged Dawn of Every Heart Vliegenzwam Rood met Witte Stippen Paddestoel in de Maashorst

  • Return of the Auroch

    Return of the Auroch | European Taurus Bison Bull Wild Cattle Wilde Stier Tauros in de Maashorst Torero Torrero Bull Fighting with a Photo Camera Wildlife Photography

  • Beautiful Day

    Beautiful Day | What day is it? It's today! My favorite Day! Quote and Inspirational Image with Goose Goslings as in a Fairytale of Winnie the Pooh can be used as Bookcover or Wallart Print

  • Morning Blessings

    Morning Blessings | Beautiful Enlighted Colorful Forest Path Star of Sunlight Bird Trees Leaves Maashorst Natuurfotografie

  • Primal Powers

    Primal Powers | Return of the Auroch Tauros Agressive Taurus Bull Cattle Returns Back to Europe in the Netherlands Artwork Early Morning Sunrise in the Mist Fog on the Field and Heather Land Terugkeer van de Taurus Stier Oerkracht op Nederlandse Maashorst Heide Wildlife Photography Natuurfotografie Landschapsfotografie Fotograaf Uden Inspiratie Kunst Art Print Wanddecoratie te Koop

  • Voyage of Dreams

    Voyage of Dreams | Flock of Geese Heading South Homebound in Beautiful Colorful Foggy Warm Dutch Autumn Landscape at Sunset Framed in Foliage Saying Goodbye to Lonely Tree Maashorst Noord Brabant Nederland Landschapsfotografie

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