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Cinemagraphs are living photographs in which subtle motion is added to invoke an emotion or to tell a story. The added motion brings still photos to another level of art and dimension. Technically, a cinemagraph combines a still photo and a video into an animated GIF. If done right — by blending great still photography with a subtle hint of seamlessly looping motion — this new hybrid artform can be simply mesmerizing!

How to make a still image go POP?

It's nice to watch a cool bottle of champaign and imagine how an explosion of bubbles of that celebratory drink is going to tickle your tongue - and perhaps your heart. However, it's even better to finally really open up that bottle and make the magic truly happen! Something similar is true for still images. They can be a joy to watch and they might give you thrills and chills, but only once you add that extra visual dimension of subtle movement your image really goes POP!

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