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Michel Schamp


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Sand Sculptures Festival Brabant

Dreams and Visions

OSS, October 2017 - From July until September 2017 the Sand Sculptures Festival Brabant took place in the southern Dutch city of Oss. The festival showcased a collection of life-sized sand-sculpted dreams and visions created by an international group of young sculptors. Fascinated by the great artworks local photographer and visual artist Michel Schamp took the chance to photograph the sculptures under controlled lighting conditions. His aim was to take the artworks to a new level of imagination by applying photographic techniques that allow him to create new fascinating scenes showing the sculptures in engaging otherworldly photos.

Untitled #000

Photo Art

The image collection shows all photographs that were created as a tribute to all the sculptors involved and as an inspiration for all future participants of the festival. By compositing multiple images into novel compositions entirely new images were born, immersing the sculptures into inspiring and dreamy worlds where sand sculptures have risen up in surprising landscapes. By taking the original sculptures into new dimensions of light and space, the artist was able to shift perspectives, opening up unexpected visions to all lovers of visual art, both the young and the older.

All photo art is exclusively for sale only for the partners, sponsors and associates of the Sand Sculptures Festival Brabant. 

Zand 2017 Wall Art by OXOVISUALS C

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. - Edgar Degas 

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