• The photographer

    I am a Dutch photographer with a great passion for everything imaginable that you can do with a camera. I received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch. After a career in the IT and marketing industry, I decided to follow my heart and make photography a full-time profession.

  • The artist

    I studied at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and followed various workshops and masterclasses, but I am primarily a self-taught photographer. In 2012 I started OXOViSUALS. The business is the essence of my core belief, to live authentically is to live creatively. As an artist at heart, I love being swept away by the beautiful and inspiring stories that are all around us.

  • The style

    As a professional photographer I try to balance my creative artistic drive with my technical knowledge of photography. It helps my work as a commercial photographer, specializing in advertising, corporate and portraits photography with a look and feel that is colorful, poetic and energetic.

  • The ART

    Photography is all about light, composition and ultimately, emotion. The emotions we experience when perceiving an image tell us a story of how valuable life is or can be. For me the ART of photography is about capturing aesthetic visuals with a lightness and grace that make us embrace new perspectives in the smallest moments of life. OXO refers to the infinity of art as a timeless spark with the power to continue to ignite our hearts today as well as in the future.

  • The vision

    In my life and through my career I was fortunate to have seen the most amazing landmarks and landscapes, and come in contact with the most inspiring people and organizations. It is my hope that through OXOViSUALS I can continue to share my creative vision and photographic achievements with the world. I believe that great creativity is often the result of a team effort and therefore highly value working closely together with my clients. Lets embark together on a new journey and choose OXOViSUALS to be your next partner in success!

  • The business


    KvK: 56388063

    BTW: NL001760665B08

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