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Hoe kan ik u helpen?

Hartelijk dank voor uw bezoek en interesse! Voor vragen, opdrachten en bestellingen kunt U mij op de volgende manieren bereiken.

● U kunt het Contact Formulier invullen.

● U kunt een email sturen naar oxovisuals@gmail.com

● U kunt mij bellen op 06-53414555.

Hoe meer informatie U achterlaat, hoe beter ik U kan helpen. Als U interesse hebt in een Photo Art Print als kunstwerk voor aan de muur vergeet dan niet de titel van het beeld te vermelden, net als het materiaal waarop U de afdruk wilt hebben en het formaat in centimeters. U krijgt altijd binnen 24 uur een reactie van mij. Alvast hartelijk dank.

How can I help you?

Thank you very much for your visit! Please use the online Contact Form via the button above for your inquiries, assignments and photo art orders.

Contact Info

  • Michel Schamp, Nistelrode
    Telefoon: 06-53414555
    Email: oxovisuals@gmail.com
    KvK: 56388063
    BTW: NL001760665B08

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about oxovisuals


Michel Schamp is a Dutch commercial and fine art photographer, making limited edition photographic prints for home owners, international collectors, corporate clients and interior designers. His commercial work is often influenced by his fine art work, giving him a distinctive style. His commercial work covers corporate photography, portraiture, architecture and events.

He studied at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and followed various workshops and masterclasses, but primarily he is a self-taught photographer. After an international career in the IT and marketing industry, he decided to follow his heart and make photography a full-time profession. In 2012 he started OXOViSUALS. The business is the essence of his core belief: to live authentically is to live creatively.

With his fine art photography he focuses his lens and his heart on nature to capture its beauty, its poetry and grandeur. His nature photography is for sale as timeless fine art prints and limited edition wall art. His artistic eye also greatly informed his commercial work with a look and feel that is colorful, poetic and energetic.

For Michel the art of photography is about capturing aesthetic visuals with a lightness and grace that make us embrace new perspectives and enjoy the smallest moments of life. OXO refers to the infinity of art as a timeless spark with the power to continue to ignite our hearts, each new day.

about oxovisuals

Artist Statement

I am a Netherlands-based Dutch photographer fascinated by the natural world, the timeless universal stories it contains and the beauty it inspires. Through visual storytelling in connection with my heart’s intuitive feelings I create artworks by capturing balms of light. Each photograph therefore tells a personal story of small moments in time conveying warmth, inspiration, beauty and bliss. My fine art images can be described as painterly and illustrative visual poems that are natural, dreamy, poetic and inspirational, making you wonder for more than just a glimpse in time.

My photography includes fine art imagery as well as commercial work. My fine art photography includes landscapes, panoramic vistas, animal life and close-ups of the natural world. My aesthetic choices focus on the creation of images that are graceful, vivid, colorful, conceptual, picturesque, and meaningful in the way that they reflect the delightful aspect of the creative spirit in nature. My work inspires viewers to find connections between their own life stories and the world of nature that we all inhabit. With images that inspire to look further and find the extraordinary in the ordinary; to feel a sense of healing and joy, happiness and well-being, in just one timeless little moment of light and wonder.

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