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Personal Art

Visual art not just enhances the appearance of a room but also brings life and dimensions to a space. Art is a personal thing, it says something about you and makes a space more interesting for family, friends and guests. When choosing art, follow your heart. The essence of art is to generate emotions in the person who looks at it. If a piece looks beautiful to you and you love it, buy it.

Get Inspired

Choose the right artwork that matches and defines your personality and your specific space. Instead of going for one big overwhelming print you could also lean toward multiple smaller sized prints that complement. Let the type of room be a guideline for making your choice. A kitchen would ask for smaller prints that make you smile. While for a bedroom the artwork should reflect relaxation with soft tones and colors. An office space is more suited for a personalized print that keeps you inspired. A bathroom would go well with brighter pieces like two smaller abstract complementing prints. And last but not least, the living room, where a large-scale wall print could be used to provoke inspiring conversations between you and your guests.

Art Prints Collection

All Fine Art Prints are created from the original works by Dutch Photographer Michel Schamp. Explore the collection below.

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