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World of Starlight

World of Starlight

Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Print

The image "World of Starlight" is available for licensing as limited edition fine art print. All limited edition photographs are printed 50 per edition, no matter which size or print material. For any help you may need or for your customized sizes, small or large or the print material of your choice, please send me a message.

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If you would like to buy a fine art print simply request a quote by sending an email to or fill out the contact form below. Don't forget to mention the title of the image, the dimensions of the print and the print material of your choice. You will receive a quote by email. Your print will be produced with the highest of standards and professional quality. Prints are shipped worldwide and are ready to hang when you receive them.

A print provides a great way to add a colorful fine art image to your home, office or personal art collection. A fine art print also is a wonderful gift. Prints can be made in custom dimensions on the material of your choice, including Dibond, Acryllic Glass, Giclée Fine Art Paper, Wood, Giclée Canvas, CHROMALUXE Aluminium, or traditionally framed with a personal touch.

Words from the Artist

The girl comfortably settles herself with her back against the tree trunk to softly strum her guitar. With her eyes closed she starts to sing her Prayer Song. ‘When I looked into your eyes”, she begins. It's the same ritual she always does at full moon. Each time, as by miracle, three birds gather in the tree above her and a gentle wind gradually encircles the tree. While the birds sing to accompany her song the breeze slowly and miraculously carries her away, back to a place she calls home. After a quiet beginning her song slowly grows intenser. As it builds momentum old memories come back to her mind and a small but genuine smile comes to her face the moment she vividly remembers Starlight came into her life. Starlight was the most beautiful white horse she had ever seen. He had dark intelligent, sparkling eyes and a beautiful white mane covering his right eye. When he first appeared to her she thought she saw the face of an angel. An angel that she’s been dreaming of all her life. An angel to show her the way. An angel who never seemed to come. Until that day, that one wonderful moment.

All her life the girl had hunted for something to fill the void in her soul. It made her feel helpless and lost and nothing seemed to satisfy her. Only in the woods she felt safe and free. And only in the woods she allowed herself to cry loudly.

When their eyes met he looked deep into her eyes. The healing appearance of Starlight melted something in her chest. Their eye contact made her heart skip momentarily. The magic of the encounter lifted her up and made her feel lighter than a feather. She felt precious and released when Starlight took her deeper into the forest. It was full moon when they meandered through the woods and step by step her world became a friendly place full of joy and happiness. Starlight stopped next to a beautiful tree and made her sit back and rest comfortably against the tree trunk. She felt dreamlike and warm all over when three birds sat down on the branches above her. While a smooth wind came up to gently blow her long hair she looked up to watch the  birds sing and listen to their magic melody. It was a beautiful song, with sounds and silences she had never experienced before.

The noises of the leaves dancing with the wind were hypnotic and the feeling was trancelike, as if she was in paradise. She felt a harmony, a wholeness with nature and the universe, filling her whole body with a loving peace that she wanted to keep forever. She closed her eyes and felt as if transferred to a new world, a world of full of love and hope. Her face showed an expression of intense joy and the smile on her face seemed eternal. Here is where she wanted to stay. And stay is what she did. This was real. Her experience felt so true and deeply authentic. Like coming home after a long trip. This is what true love is like, she thought, to be forever in a heavenly bliss. She wanted to open her eyes and step into the light to continue to live the bliss of heaven. But when she opened her eyes the wind was gone, the birds were gone, and, Starlight was gone. Out of nothing he came and back into nothing he went.

Interior Wall Art

Creating harmony in the outlook of your interior with wall art that resonates with your personal preferences can breath life into your indoor spaces. Wall decoration is an important aspect of interior design when it comes to setting the overall mood in a room or giving a room a finishing touch to make it feel complete. Choose the best wall art print that matches your interior and — even more importantly — resonates with your heart. To help you decide which printing style would suit your space best you can send me a level, well-lit image of your space and I will render an installation for you to be better able to decide.

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The image is also available as stock image for commercial or editorial use. The image can be purchased as stock image with a right-managed license and can be used for an advertising campaign, a company presentation, or commercial blog or website. The image can also be licensed for use on a calendar, book publication, brochure, newspaper or magazine article. The image license can be purchased by filling out the contact form below or by sending an email to indicating the title of the image and as many details as possible about the rights being requested. You will then receive a quote by email.

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