Animated GIF revealing retouch and compositing Photoshop techniques

Superior post processing

Untitled photo

To reveal some of my retouching and compositing techniques I have created an animated GIF of my latest work, "New Frontiers", portrait of an Air Force girl posing on the runway while an F16 fighter jet screams by. To create commercial images I most often make use of compositing. This means that multiple photos are used to create one final image. Using this Photoshop technique allows me to create images that are difficult or impossible to create as one in-camera exposure. The sequence of images shown reveals how multiple images are composited and retouched from the original photograph to the final end product. The portrait of the girl was taken in the studio. I photographed her separately in front of a gray seamless paper background using three strobes simulating the lighting pattern of the runway. The non-existing background is built with multiple images of my personal stock archive. I combined the images into a realistically looking military runway.

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