Operation Market Garden 1944 - 2014

17 september 2014

US Army 82nd Airborne Division — John S. Thompson Bridge, Grave, The Netherlands

On September 17, 2014 the US Army 82nd Airborne Division, 1st and 3rd brigade Combat Teams demonstrated an assault at the John S. Thompson bridge in Grave, the Netherlands. This was part of the commemoration of Operation Market Garden, which took place 70 years ago on the same day in 1944. The bridge over the river Maas was taken over from the Germans on September 17, 1944 as Lieutenant John S. Thompson led the 82nd Airborne Division. Active military as well as veterans, reservists and volunteers took part in the 2014 commemorations in the Netherlands. Go to the full article here.

Charging clients according to Picasso

26 July 2014

Although it only takes a split second to take a photograph and a bit more time to make one, a truly good photograph will be cherished for a lifetime. If we consider an excellent photograph to be art, is it then fair to say that it took one's entire life to be able to create this piece of art and charge the client accordingly? According to the artist Picasso the answer seems yes. But then how and how much to charge?

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Legend has it that Pablo Picasso was sketching in the park when a bold woman approached him.

“It’s you — Picasso, the great artist! Oh, you must sketch my portrait! I insist.” So Picasso agreed to sketch her. After studying her for a moment, he used a single pencil stroke to create her portrait. He handed the women his work of art.

“It’s perfect!” she gushed. “You managed to capture my essence with one stroke, in one moment. Thank you! How much do I owe you?” “Five thousand dollars,” the artist replied. “But, what?” the woman sputtered.

“How could you want so much money for this picture? It only took you a second to draw it!” To which Picasso responded, “Madame, it took me my entire life.”

Picasso's story about pricing your work gives an interesting view on charging clients by the hour or by the project. Based on the legend it seems that charging by the project is the safest and most honest way of pricing your work. First of all I would give myself a personal bonus when I succeed to efficiently and quickly finish the assignment. Secondly, it wouldn't harm the client if I would need to take more time than estimated. That's a win-win for all concerned!

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014

10-14 July 2014

During the July 2014 summer edition of the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week designers such as Spijkers en Spijkers, Tony Cohen, Jonathan Christopher, Claes Iversen as well as five talented designers from Pakistan including Rang Ja, Bareeze Man, Shahnameh, Leisure Club and Kayseria showed off their latest creations and newest collections. Catwalk shows were held on the area of Westergasfabriek in the Gashouder and Transformatorhuis buildings. While showcasing established professional designers, the Amsterdam Fashion Week also offers young designers a beautiful space and a good platform to make the jump to the large international fashion shows in Paris, Milan, New York and London. The images here show both catwalk and backstage shots from the shows of Claes Iversen, Nanine Linning, Iris van Herpen, Spijkers en Spijkers, By Brown and Vibrant Pakistan. To view more images go to The Amsterdam Fashion Week Gallery. All images are copyright protected and are property of Michel Schamp Photography.


Taking photos during a fashion show is - in a way - fashion. As a photographer you want to be as unique, stylish and imaginative as the fashion designer and try to put your own signature and leave your own footprint that is uniquely you. Check out the exclusive backstage and runway photos from the uplifting Amsterdam Fashion Show 2014!

Schoolfotografie Zwijsen College Veghel

21 mei 2014

Het was me een waar genoegen gevraagd te worden om de fotografie te verzorgen voor het vernieuwde Zwijsen College in Veghel. Ik heb een mooie reeks foto's kunnen maken en de klant was erg verheugd bij het zien van de uiteindelijke beelden. 

Bij de planning van de shoot hebben we de weersvoorspellingen nauwlettend in de gaten gehouden. Woensdag 21 mei 2014 zou — tussen de buiige dagen door — een mooie zonnige dag worden. Gelukkig stelden de weergoden ons niet teleur. 

De klant wilde foto's van zowel de buiten- en binnenkant van het gebouw maar ook van alle activiteiten in en rond de school. De foto's gaan de komende jaren gebruikt worden voor allerlei promotiemateriaal waaronder schoolgids, schoolplan, posters, folders, uitnodigingen voor de open dag, public relations en werving van nieuwe leerlingen.

Fotografie op en rond een schoolgebouw voor promotiedoeleinden vertaald zich in bedrijfsfotografie waarbij zowel sprake is van architectuurfotografie, documentaire fotografie, en een vleugje lifestyle. Dit was wat mij betreft tevens een erg leuk aspect van de opdracht omdat je als fotograaf op die manier creativiteit, inspiratie en vakmanschap kunt combineren. 

Al met al een geslaagde, zonnige, inspirerende en boeiende dag vol met leuke, verrassende momenten en uiteraard fraaie beelden!

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