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Nature is an important source of inspiration for many of us. In nature we find peace. In nature we find nourishment. In nature we find wonder. Nature takes us back to the truth. In the overly tech world we live in, nature takes us back to basics and time spent in nature is fundamental. People still need magic and myths and amazing storytelling in their lives. Nature still is the most powerful and precious resource to provide us with indispensable gifts. After a walk in nature we come home with new clarity, full of joy and filled with energy. Unfortunately, and all too often our newly gained peace and happiness slowly disappears, like snow in the sun. Attracted by the beauty of nature, its purity and infinity, its power and unpredictability, I use photography as a fine art medium to see and capture its mysterious aesthetics and turn them into timeless visual poems. Photographs that can touch our hearts and inspire us until long after their creation. The (200+) images are available for licensing as stock and fine art prints.

All the photographs are taken in or directly around the 'Maashorst'. The Maashorst is a nature reserve in the south-eastern part of The Netherlands in the Province of Noord-Brabant. The lands harbor various species of wild animals, forests, grasslands, shrubs and sand dunes. The Maashorst is the second nature reserve in the country offering landscapes and fields where European bisons roam, where wild horses run free and highlander cattle graze.

De Maashorst Collection


The Maashorst collections are divided in 7 different smaller collections: horses, cows, sheep, flowers, birds, landscapes and close ups. Choose the collection of your preference to view all available images.

Horses | Paarden


Close Ups


Cows | Koeien


Sheep | Schapen


Birds | Vogels



To get an impression of De Maashorst in all its beauty a collection of several images has been hand-picked to showcase nature in all splendor and color. Horses, cows, sheep, flowers, birds, landscapes and close ups are here to surprise you and realize how charming, inspiring and wise nature can be.

Get Inspired

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The poetry of nature is contained in its colors, its textures, and its shapes. The nature of their interrelations strongly influences our aesthetic experience of a visual poem.

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Nature is man’s teacher ... She teaches beauty and wisdom, but her treasures are unfolded only to those who appreciate and care for her beauty. If you treat her well she'll tell you the little secrets you can't find in books, with subtle hints of color that add to the magic she's got.

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Nature is full of color ... from strawberries and flowers to butterfly wings and peacock tails. From lush greens to deep purples and vibrant blues. They are all there. Every color in the rainbow, waiting to be found. Colors are the smiles of nature and they can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.

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A beautiful image ... is not just aesthetically pleasing but also gives us questions to think upon. A colorful visual can raise your spirit and take you to another place, a place with no beginning and no end. When reality is too complex one simple powerful image can bring order in our confusing world.

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Once upon a time ... there was what there was, but if it wouldn’t have touched my heart there would be nothing to tell. Nature is full of hidden stories that are waiting to be told. Just like oral and written stories, visual stories can be very powerful. In fact, there is no greater power on this earth than story. Stories appeal to all ages. A compelling story is valuable because it shares a memory, teaches a lesson or inspires. Stories from nature are most powerful when they are most wonderful. Nature, the most precious gift, always near but never near enough. Let it inspire you every day!

Purchasing Art Prints

The images are available for licensing as stock and fine art prints. Prints provide a great way to add images from my Colors of Nature Collection to your home, office or personal art collection. Images can be printed in any dimension and on the material of your choice, including All-Dibond, Acryllic Glass, Giclée Canvas Wraps and more. If you would like to buy a print from the Colors of Nature Collection just send me an email to or fill out the contact form below containing the title of the image, the size of the print and the material you would like to print on.

Image licenses can be purchased by filling out the contact form below or by sending an email indicating which image you are interested in and as many details as possible about the rights being requested. Prints purchased on this site are for personal use only. If you wish to license any of my photographs for print publications or commercial usage you will require a Rights Managed License.

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