Green Planet | Inspirational Photography

Nature is an important source of inspiration for many of us. In nature you can find peace and as a fruit of it inspiration comes our way. We come home with new clarity, full of joy, energy and inspiration. Unfortunately, and all too often our newly gained peace and happiness slowly disappears, like snow in the sun. Attracted by the beauty of nature, its purity and infinity, its power and unpredictability, photography can be used as a fine art medium to see and capture its mysterious aesthetics and turn them into timeless visual poems. Photography provides the freedom and opportunities to explore and discover the beauty in the world around us, both  by exploring images in our natural and urban environments. The search allows us to discover the hidden element of beauty, contained in moments, colors and shapes, capturing the essence of beauty in single images. Images with a soul. Images with a story. Images that spark our imagination. Poems without words. Heroic stories, love stories, sad stories, but above all inspirational stories. Poetic images written with light. Images to be cherished as sources of joy, inspiration and surprise. Each image is tailored artistically and presented as a unique handmade work of art.

If you are interested in buying a license or a print, just send an email to or fill in the contact form.

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