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The Two Musketeers

Duo portrait of a wild horse and a wild cow, a tauros and an exmoor pony, both of them intrigued and inspired, facing the viewer.

Bumblebee Land

Hopping bumblebee flying around red blooming poppies in a flower field with a soft bokeh.

Dream Team

Three Dutch cows standing in a green summer meadow day dreaming and hugging together.


Beautiful wild brown horse strolling around alone on the purple summer heather.

Late Summerland

Dreamy morning land with a wild horse roaming around the summer heath surrounded by a veil of fog and wild geese is flying by.

Moon Bond

Portrait of two beautiful wild horses hugging closely under a cold blue sky with a full moon.

Your Daily Sunshine

Two smiling sunflower heads and a bumblebee facing the summer sun against the dreamy bokeh of a yellow sunflower field.

Morning Star

Dreamy morning in the foggy woods where warm sunlight radiates around a tree next to a narrow forest path.

The Holy Three

Three artsy black and white Dutch cows staring, listening and mooing, forming an intriguing three sided composition.

Paradise of Heather

Early morning natural still life scene with milky sunrays touching purple summer heather on a misty field in the middle of the forest.

World of Starlight

Wild white horse roaming around in a fairytale-like autumn forest close to a bright red fly agaric mushroom with white dots.

The Poet's Castle

A black and white artistic impression of Heeswijk Castle, a poetic winter scene in a moody landscape with snowflakes and snow.

Into the Wild

Impressive wild tauros cow proudly demonstrating its horns dominating its habitat standing tall in the field next to a long forest path against the backdrop of a dramatic thunderous summer sky.

Autumn Wonderland

Autumn scene in a dark forest of a magically enlightened mushroom under a chestnut tree surrounded with autumn leaves and chestnuts.

Peace of Cows

Soft harmonic portrait of two beautiful cows standing on the fresh green grass in a summer pasture at sunset with two swallows flying by

Star of Bosch

Saint John’s Cathedral in the Dutch city of ’s-Hertogenbosch in a black and white summer setting encapsulated by the impressive silver linden.

The Blessed Goose

A lonely solitary goose swimming in the water and under the bridges of the canals in the medieval Dutch city of ’s-Hertogenbosch.

The Scratching Tree

Flock of sheep with one sheep scratching its back under a tree using a low hanging branch on an open patch in a green forest against a warm cloudy summer sky.

Sparrow Folklore

A cheerful flock of sparrows grouped and working together on a beautiful branch of a leafy summer tree with white flowers against a blue and warm summer sky.

One Love

Two horses standing close together in a lovely pose head to head in a tender and soft black and white composition.

Moony Love

Two beautiful wild horses hugging together under a blue night sky with a full moon.

Coming Home

Wild horse under a blooming summer tree running eagerly to get back home again.

Light of Triumph

Enchanted stylish dark forest of tall douglas firs trees enlightened by sun ray beams breaking through the early fog.

The Raven Tree

Adventures of two ravens next to a giant bare winter tree against a backdrop of a cold and misty winter forest.

Woods Mystique

Dreamy fairytale-like close up of a sunny forest scene in early morning fog with two beautiful mushrooms.

Legends of Mazorst

Black and white portrait of three wild horses facing the wind on a dark and stormy day.

Nature's Symphony

Great tit sitting on a branch on a cool morning in early spring against the beautiful bokeh of a fresh green forest.

Water of Living

Wild horse drinking water in a pool next to a tall and leafy tree in the middle of a green field of grass surrounded by the trees of a forest against a picturesque warm summer sky.


Gorgeous fly agaric mushroom with its typical red cap and thick white dots between the green moss of a cool, cold and wet forest of birch trees.

Eclectic Journey

Large panoramic horizontal view of a typical Dutch misty autumn landscape with a long straight road surrounded by trees next to field of green grass with wild geese flying by.

The Swallows

Swarm of swallows dancing on the air performing a sky ballet in front of a full moon against a backdrop of a warm late evening summer sky.

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