• Timeless Nature Photography

    The dictionary says timeless means ‘not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion’. Similar words are ‘lasting’, ‘classic’, ‘ageless’, ‘never dying’, ’permanent’ or ‘indestructible’. Elaborating on this we could say that timeless imagery emotionally connects and engages viewers regardless of the amount of time that has passed, be it years, decades or even centuries after its creation. For example the visual artworks of the Old Master Painters are all still relevant today, three to four centuries after they were painted. But what exactly is it that makes them loved and valued by so many people after such a long time? And how does this relate to modern photography?

    Moon Bond
  • The Dreamer

    Timeless Images and Photographers

    A little research on the Internet of various photographers websites shows what a timeless image, according to professional photographers, is able to accomplish, through its use, its meaning and its significance to people. Here’s a little impression of how timelessness of images is interpreted by photographers from around the world and some of their statements. Timeless images are images that you will:

    “Share for a lifetime and treasure forever. Look at over and over.“

  • ”Proudly display prominently on the wall. Love and enjoy for years to come. Make you smile, and then smile some more. Cherish for an eternity. Love now and forever.“

    Wow! Ain’t that amazing? And all that power and feelings of timelessness and euphoria is contained by one single image? A visual that emotionally appeals to our senses? That sounds like the power of gold!

    Romance of the Future
  • Buddies Forever

    Classic Cars

    Talking about amazing power and feelings of timelessness classic cars come to mind. Most people like to see classic cars and eagerly would want to have one, some of them even say they are hopelessly in love with them. But what is it they are in love with? And what makes classic cars to be loved long after their creation? Apparently all of the worshippers have a particular classic car model in mind that they are ‘dreaming’ of or desperately would want to have. But is it the shape, the color, the resemblance with something or someone, the movie in which it appeared and played a major role in, the psychological associations we have about it, or simply its exclusive price tag?

  • What is it that makes the worshippers tickle with excitement? If we know how this applies to classic cars and why people feel attracted to them we might also have a clue what make timeless images stand out. Looking at it from a distance it is obvious what people value in a timeless classic car model; it’s its cultural, historical and intrinsic value. The timelessness of a classic car comes with its age, its long preserved quality, its particular shape, its unique history, its artistic and inspirational importance and its high aesthetic value. Classic cars exist by the emotional value assigned to it by people. Its intrinsic value appeals to our human emotions. The intrinsic values cause intrinsic emotions and feelings of wellbeing and satisfaction by telling us a story that we consciously and subconsciously translate to write ourselves a new compelling story over and over again. New stories help us to see things of life in a different light and enable us to create a better reality in which we can live and thrive. In essence, a classic car literally becomes a vehicle that liberates our spirit and fuels our love for life.

  • The Whispering Trees

    Our Bond with Nature

    Nature, landscapes and animals are the origin of value. The value they represent is what people call the “intrinsic value of nature”. In a cultural-historical context the values of nature appeal to us based on the relationship and connection we have with nature. Although our relationship (and our consciousness to nature) have evolved and changed during the thousands of years of our common existence, humans still do have a strong desire to be close and connected to nature. We love to be near to plants, flowers, animals and landscapes. It makes us feel we are really alive. Seeing a beautiful landscape makes people feel good and generates other positive inclinations such as happiness, motivation, self-awareness, compassion, or love and affection for the beauty of nature.

  • The love of people for animals is a beautiful thing and many people love animals unconditionally. All throughout human history we see people embracing all things romantic, flowers and other natural things being no exception. In fact, our love for flowers is never-ending, we literally wish we could be around them all the time. Although we currently live in times of turmoil our bond with nature will always be intimate and harmonious as humans are intrinsically connected with nature. Bonding with nature is spiritually rewarding, it creates good health as nature harmonises our inner and outer bodies. Walking in the company of nature calms our mind and relaxes our body. It puts us in tune with nature and gives rise to creative ideas. Discovering and revealing the beauty of nature to inspire others, to make the world a better place and to strengthen our bond with nature is the mission of the romantically inspired nature photographer.

  • Curious Cows

    Timelessness and Intrinsic Emotions

    What goes for classic cars also goes for classical music, classical novels, classical characters, classical ballet, classical master composers, and classical pathos. All of them aim to persuade an audience by appealing to their emotions and personal interests. Since all classical pieces are made with love, deep from the heart and soul, they not only inspire the makers but the people in the audience as well. Universal and intrinsic emotions of the classical artist at heart — their deep longing and yearning desires — become emotionally visible in the timeless art they create. Resonation with the audience makes the story come alive and stimulate the imagination of the viewer.

  • Timelessness in inspirational art happens when the emotions of the viewer are stirred in a thoughtful and considerate way. Worship can happen when our emotions are gently stirred, not when they are shattered. Negative emotions and shattered dreams impact us in a bad way and require time to heal. Positive emotions on the other hand inspire us, teach us and motivate us to live life to the fullest and make us better people. Inspirational art tells a story of timelessness when it speaks the language of heartfelt, delicate, noble and thoughtful human emotions. It then is up to us to translate these stories into a life of creativity, passion, connection and meaning to make every new day a blessing filled with harmony and happiness.

    Speaking with Nature
  • Spirit of Beauty

    Positive emotion holds a tremendous amount of energy in a reservoir of wisdom teaching and guiding us to resolve into a state of harmony, which makes us feel good, stronger and happier. Energizing or revitalizing the wisdom of the heart is essential for human life. Wisdom of the heart is the only good starting point for new activities on our journey to a fulfilled and meaningful life. It seems contradictory but it’s universal emotions and common wisdom that can guide and direct us on our one and only unique and authentic life path. Timeless images and the messages they contain as intrinsic emotions can help us find our way (back again).

  • Beauty and Time

    Dreaming and longing are two similar and fundamental human traits. Dreaming sets us free and lets us escape from our everyday reality. It allows us to live more lives than the one we have in this world. Longing lets us know what really matters in our life and keeps our dreams in focus. Watching a beautiful timeless image ignites our longing and fuels our dreams. Just like a fragrance it inspires our imagination. It makes us feel good, it makes us remember and it makes us dream. Going deeper, a timeless image transcends time and space. Time is stopped and our mental presence is switched to another location. A location where time does not exist and beauty seems eternal. Our awareness changes and the feeling of being is magnified. But as soon as we become aware of all the beauty that surrounds us, time becomes prominent again and we realise beauty is impermanent which makes us appreciate it even more.

  • The Blessed Trinity

    Power of Timeless Images

    Just like reading a book can relax the mind and balm the soul, a timeless image can help you through a hard day and put a smile on your face. A timeless image can remind you of why you do the things you do every day, it can motivate you and put your life in a context that transcends your apparent personal limits and create the quality of life that we deeply desire.

  • More spiritually spoken, timeless images are capable of creating a coherence between the outer world of things and the inner world of the heart and mind. It’s like with the timeless spirit of the mountains or the breathtaking experience of seeing a waterfall rushing down to meet the earth, people are looking for experiences that can forever live in their memories. When it comes to timeless photography people enjoy either pure silence and intense solitude, or extraordinary grandeur and overwhelming magnificence. Just like art, a timeless photographic image can be like a medicine if it resonates with the viewer when its healing and transforming power directly speaks to the heart and soul of the viewer as a tangible connection that’s visible on their face when they silently whisper ‘wow’.

  • Return to Love

    Beauty of Photography

    Beauty is an important aspect of life. A life without beauty is like a flower without fragrance, a bird without wings or an ocean without water. Our world is truly a magical place full of miracles and beautiful stories. Just like love, beauty comes from within, from the heart of the artist to swirl around and touch the hearts of others.

  • But as soon as we recognize beauty and time comes to a standstill, we become aware that beauty and time are both so fleeting they slip through our fingers like sand. The fleetness of time and the short span of beauty makes us want to transcend time and freeze beauty. That’s why we love to see timeless images so much. Photography gives us the ability to capture brief moments of beauty and freeze them for an eternity, so that we can experience that special moment over and over again and realize the great joy that life brings to us.

    Mindfull Timelessness
  • Vision of the Future

    Timeless Wall Art

    To buy wall art prints for your home, living room, office or your personal collection, please visit the collections to see the available collection of limited edition prints. Buy nature photography prints, limited edition images and photographic prints from the eclectic collection of fine art images all selected by the artist with his creative vision, ideals and craftsmanship in a personal style that is recognizable as colorful messages full of beauty, passion, encouragement, longing and truth, depicting nature and magic aspects of the world around us. All Fine Art Prints are created from the original works by Dutch Photographer Michel Schamp.

  • Words of Inspiration

    Timeless imagery touches our hearts and illuminates our daily lives. It makes us aware of the beauty of this world but also is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of it all. While we watch a timeless image inspiration and creative ideas flow to us. The elements of the image, its composition and aesthetics, its colors and contrast, its depth of feeling and inner messages tell us stories that connect with our heart and mind. The image "World of Starlight" inspired me to write down its poetic messages as they were being conveyed as a unique story to my heart and soul. Timeless images tell us new stories over and over again to inspire and uplift our heart which - like a leaf - is unique in its own beautiful way.

    World of Starlight

  • The girl comfortably settles herself with her back against the tree trunk to softly strum her guitar. With her eyes closed she starts to sing her Prayer Song. ‘When I looked into your eyes”, she begins. It's the same ritual she always does at full moon. Each time, as by miracle, three birds gather in the tree above her and a gentle wind gradually encircles the tree. While the birds sing to accompany her song the breeze slowly and miraculously carries her away, back to a place she calls home. After a quiet beginning her song slowly grows intenser. As it builds momentum old memories come back to her mind and a small but genuine smile comes to her face the moment she vividly remembers Starlight came into her life. Starlight was the most beautiful white horse she had ever seen. He had dark intelligent, sparkling eyes and a beautiful white mane covering his right eye. When he first appeared to her she thought she saw the face of an angel. An angel that she’s been dreaming of all her life. An angel to show her the way. An angel who never seemed to come. Until that day, that one wonderful moment. All her life the girl had hunted for something to fill the void in her soul. It made her feel helpless and lost and nothing seemed to satisfy her. Only in the woods she felt safe and free. And only in the woods she allowed herself to cry loudly.

  • When their eyes met he looked deep into her eyes. The healing appearance of Starlight melted something in her chest. Their eye contact made her heart skip momentarily. The magic of the encounter lifted her up and made her feel lighter than a feather. She felt precious and released when Starlight took her deeper into the forest. It was full moon when they meandered through the woods and step by step her world became a friendly place full of joy and happiness. Starlight stopped next to a beautiful tree and made her sit back and rest comfortably against the tree trunk. She felt dreamlike and warm all over when three birds sat down on the branches above her. While a smooth wind came up to gently blow her long hair she looked up to watch the birds sing and listen to their magic melody. It was a beautiful song, with sounds and silences she had never experienced before. The noises of the leaves dancing with the wind were hypnotic and the feeling was trancelike, as if she was in paradise. She felt a harmony, a wholeness with nature and the universe, filling her whole body with a loving peace that she wanted to keep forever.

  • She closed her eyes and felt as if transferred to a new world, a world of full of love and hope. Her face showed an expression of intense joy and the smile on her face seemed eternal. Here is where she wanted to stay. And stay is what she did. This was real. Her experience felt so true and deeply authentic. Like coming home after a long trip. This is what true love is like, she thought, to be forever in a heavenly bliss. She wanted to open her eyes and step into the light to continue to live the bliss of heaven. But when she opened her eyes the wind was gone, the birds were gone, and, Starlight was gone. Out of nothing he came and back into nothing he went.


    World of Starlight
Untitled photo
  • Buy Nature Photography Wall Art

    OXOViSUALS is passionate about capturing and sharing the inspiring and breathtaking beauty of nature, her power to inspire and energize, calm and intrigue, encouraging us to embrace and explore her gifts. Most people don’t often get the time to explore nature as intensely as they would like to connect on a deeper level and benefit from her healing power. OXOViSUALS offers you the opportunity to bring the positive energy of mother nature into your living and working spaces to experience her every day.

    If you are interested in buying a limited edition fine art print and receive a premium quality photo-artwork of your liking contact me and you will receive a quote. Please mention the title of the image, the desired size and your material of choice.

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